Why Use Infographics?

Simply Sarah

9-Awesome-Reasons-to-Use-Infographics-in-your-Content-Marketing-v21A readily emerging trend in the social media market among popular business is the implementation of infographics in marketing campaigns. Within the past decade, the infographic trend has been on a quick rise. From 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes have increased over 800 percent. For those who are unfamiliar, infographics are dynamic, visually stimulating representations of various trends and topics. However, it is far more than just a chart displaying numbers – infographics combine knowledge with crisp design, making it a means for conveying data in a visually-appealing, easy-to-follow format.


So what exactly is it about infographics that make them so effective? Below, I have broken it down into five main reasons.

1. Infographics are more eye-catching than typical data-sharing. They usually combine images, content, movement, and content that naturally draw the eye. Studies show that 90 percent of information that we retain is based on visual impact…

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