Twit Wit.. Part 19…

Pouring My Art Out

Yup… I am still going through all my old tweets on Twitter and posting them here. I am even thinking of publishing a book full of these. I mean this is just the stuff that leaks out of my crack-squirrel infested cranium in between the really weird stuff I do on this blog. So I guess you could think of them as crack squirrel droppings. And they have to fit in those tiny boxes on Twitter. And I make up a bunch of them every single day because I don’t want the people on Twitter to think I love you blog people more… even though I do… unless you follow me in both places… and then I love you most of all…

***(WARNING… may contain bad words… and more than a little insanity)***


*Our anthem has bombs and rockets… what does yours have? Oh… pride? I guess that’s alright too…

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