Tell me your story and I will know who you are

Finding Meaning in Life


I don’t think I am acquainted with anyone, male or female who does not recall having a story read aloud by their mother or father when they were a child. Whether it is a short bed-time story, a tale of fairies, goblins and wicked witches or a chapter from one of the great classics of literature, storytelling has been in our lives since the dawn of man.

In our personal lives and especially as adults we rely strongly on storytelling, for instance when you are introduced to a new acquaintance, on a date or even when you find yourself in the hot seat during an interview, you probably have one or two sentences which you use to enlighten your date or future boss on who you are -you tell your story!

But the purpose of telling stories is more than a mere tool to aid your children to go to sleep…

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