Should teachers be allowed to look at student’s activities online?

Lisa Setyon Ortenzio

Should teachers be allowed to look at student's activities online?

How far is it going now?

Now, in order to monitor students and make them come to class, many schools have established a new way of supervising student’s work and what they do through the use of technology.
As it is said on CNN, “Several companies offer services to filter and glean what students do on school networks; a few now offer automated tools to comb through off-campus postings for signs of danger.”
However, this system has raised a lot of questions about whether or not, teachers should be allowed to control children.
According to a report by CNN, a 12 year old girl committed suicide after classmates bullied her online and offline. In the meantime, two of her bullies were arrested the same month for posting comments on Facebook about her death.
This issue and many others have raised questions about student’s free speech rights and the law because…

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