Mastering the Communication on Twitter

"Tweet That"

This blog was written by Hanna Ingber of the New York Times. The writer in a way introduces and explains some of the common terms, acronyms, and other forms of meaning by the average Twitter user. Some of the strange arraignments of words, messages and re-tweets can be confusing for someone who does not use the social media page often. First, in identifying someone’s account, it is quite common for someone to say “AT”, followed by the actual name of the Twitter Account when verbally communicating. If someone were to write or type it, it would begin with “@”. Besides that, common acronyms used in tweets are “R/T” and “H/T”, “R/T” stands for “re-tweet” which simply allows the consumer to share with his/her followers a tweet that they came across whether it was sent by someone they follow or someone they found on the more public forums. “H/T” aka “Via”…

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