Love Life of a Passive Aggressive Girl: Picky

Barefoot Queen


Romance Sarcasm

Ok, this blog is about love and when it comes to love I don’t know much. I’m kind of feeling my way around like many people.


Thank God for social media and romantic comedies otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do! I’m just kidding, but the internet and media have made dating more difficult. The movies and media give a false perception of what dating is really like. What people are like. I can tell you I’ve been to the bookstore, grocery store, and Mr.Right, with a great smile, and  witty personality has not bumped into me yet.


Lowering Standards

So when something isn’t working I try a different approach. What is it that I am doing wrong? I have had friend tell me I am a tad too picky. Yes I am picky when it comes to dating. My friends tell me it’s just coffee!…

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