JustUnfollow: The Perfect App for Anyone Who Likes To Act Like A Highschooler

The Big Book of Everything Wrong With The Internet

JustUnfollow.com is the greatest app ever. Since it matured into a “holistic friend management platform” it’s helped 5 million users find their “right friends” – from which we should presumably conclude that “right” friends are those who like to be “managed”. Which I guess makes me a “wrong” friend.

Happily, most of my friends are also “wrong” friends who don’t appreciate being ditched if they have a busy month and can’t tweet, and find it somewhat childish that someone would pretend to like them and then suddenly drop them if they don’t pretend to like the person back. Not to deny the basic reciprocity of human social interactions, but honestly, if you need an app to work out who’s still interested in you, maybe it’s not them.

Or here’s an idea. Follow people if you’re interested in what they have to say. Follow people if you are not in the…

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