Just how much is too much … on social media

Cay to relationships

I’ll start by saying that I am an extrovert.

I have a great social life, I go out quite a bit and for the most part, I speak my mind. If I’m in the room, you know.

But I’m a little different when it comes to my relationships … well sort of.

See the thing is, I had a boyfriend in the past that never wanted ANYONE on face book to know about his relationship status. It didn’t matter how much I begged for even one picture of us to be posted, he would shut me down by saying that he wanted to keep our relationship out of the limelight because it’s nobody’s business. He would go on and on about how important it is to keep some things private because it was about us. Not about onlookers. It broke my heart a little but I agreed.

I didn’t want…

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