How to unsend a sent gmail

Idle Talks of an Emotional Mind

images I made a bigg blunder today. someone who should not be named( for ease lets call him/her: A) mailed asking me to  for refer him  today to a friend, the email that he/she wrote was full of grammatical mistakes. I forwarded that email to my other whose name was also A, and signed out. After 3 hrs. when I saw my sent box I realised that I had sent it to the person who sent me the mail in the first place. So, basically I made a complete fool of myself. Going through Google I found a magic formula through which I can unsend a sent mail. Being a Samaritan I am going to share this formula with you guys too. LETS BEGIN:

  1. In your mail click on the gear box
  2. Click settings
  3. Click labs
  4.  Search for lab
  5. Type undo send
  6. Enable.

For testing if it worked:

  1. Write email
  2. Send…

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