Confessions of Brand-a-holic: Controlling Your Brands Image

Sherri Jones Public Relations

The Golden BrandBranding is a never-ending process. We agree, it can be quite overwhelming. From the moment of your brands conception, its identity has already begun growing. It is now a part of your life. Every move you make, you must make it with your brand in mind. Thanks to the Golden Age of social media, the separation between your brand and personal identity has been blurred and some may argue no longer exists.  Actions made on an individual basis can affect your brand as a whole. Take for example the new era of celebrity twitter rants. Although it may appear harmless, and of course they are humans who should be able to blow off some steam, the public does not necessarily always agree. This often results in the loss of endorsements, fans, and the disconnect between a brand  and its audience.

A brands identity is composed of many components including logo…

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