Blog Post 8 – Socially Incorporated

Ryan LeBlanc's Intro to Media Blog

Okay, so today I took a look at Mars, Incorporated. Y’know, the company that makes M&M’S? Yeah, them. I wanted to take a look and see how they were talking to people, ‘cuz that’s what big business does: they care about the opinions of their consumers. Anyway, turns out M&M has their shit together. Over on their website, they have links that bring you to their own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, and Instagram pages. And just taking a look at each of them, they are going crazy on the activity, especially on the pictures at this time of year. Their Twitter is a little on the slow side when it comes to recent tweets, but their Facebook and comments and tweets about them are going strong. Not to mention, when it comes to the M&M’s themselves, it looks like there’s a Twitter account for about half of the color-coded characters.

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