10 Reasons @BuzzFeed Is The Future of Content

Social Media Mashup

1. The titles of its posts are just weird enough to intrigue.

Just long enough to give you a good sense of the article and snappy enough to make it easier to click than wonder what you might have missed out on by not clicking…


2. The content for Buzzfeed stories is frequently sourced from Twitter AKA REAL LIFE.

I myself found fame after being unwittingly featured in ‘27 Middle-Class Problems‘, after *jokingly* tweeting about Spotify. Cue tweets telling me i’m famous – well the article was tweeted 7,500 times!


3. The writers are brought to the forefront.

As well as the post author’s name appearing at the top of an article, the URL for each story/list/piece goes http://www.buzzfeed.co.uk(com)/AUTHORNAME/ARTICLENAME. People buy people. Or familiarity breeds contempt. One or the other. I personally remember the author of a particularly good post and will be more likely to read that…

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