Why You Should Exercise Caution When You Are Reading Research Studies/Reports

What the Marketer Saw


We are always reading articles that quote statistics from various studies conducted by well-known research companies. For those of who have ever taken an introduction to market research course, it’s obvious that you should exercise caution when you are reading research studies and reports.

The gist? Garbage in, garbage out. A lot of the studies either lack a proper set of controls, or just choose research candidates who aren’t representative of the “population” that they are trying to extrapolate to, or worse yet, they simply selectively report statistics that make their article look favourable.

This brings me to the article that inspired this post. A VentureBeat article says that Tumblr’s value to advertisers [is] undervalued by as much as 450%. This is definitely an interesting statistic, since there were a few behaviors I noticed in my own social media engagement (and in the report charts) that made me question…

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