The Snapchat Phenonmenon

Digital Fiber

When Snapchat first came out, most tech experts and users alike thought this would be a fun fad that would last a while then die away. They couldn’t be further from the truth. For those of you who are familiar with the product, Snapchat allows users to take pictures and videos, and then send them to friends. After a few seconds, the pictures disappear and will be gone forever.snapchat

The company launched in September of 2011 and grows with more users and more pictures every day. There are over 100 million users sending over 350 million pictures and videos per day. These numbers are staggering and have helped Snapchat secure an incredibly high value on their company. Snapchat has been rounding up new investments that are putting their value at over 3.8 billion dollars. The most crazy part of this valuation is that Snapchat has made no revenue up to…

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