Social Media and Reading

Exploration in Digital Publishing Innovations

Many will say reading happens in a vacuum. That it’s a singular, solitary exercise. Any effort to make it particularly social will ruin the reading experience, which is an internally transformative experience (when done right) that makes a person want to speak to others after reading.

Well, some readers can’t wait that long. They want to talk about what they’re reading, as they’re reading it, with as many people as possible.  There are myriad ways to do this, including engaging in awkward conversations with strangers on the subway, and way better methods, like Wattpad.

While sites like Goodreads and Shelfari do an adequate job of joining a social community and book information together, they feel like little more than ways to tack up a picture of the book you’re reading and offer opinions (sometimes while reading) and maybe a review when you’re done. Basically, an online version of what…

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