If you want people to join in… send a limo?

Business in Berkshire

Sad to hear about Lou Reed… loved him back in the 80’s…

Watching X Factor on TV, the judges roll up in a nice limo and land at a red carpet which takes them all the way to the green room where they can put on their pink stilettos, click their heals together and take the long walk on stage, listening to the adulation of the crowd and to their seat… they love it…

Would they bother to join in if the limo wasn’t sent… catch the number 42 bus, get off at Waterloo, get the tube to Millenium Dome… or the water bus… see you there Shazza! Yeah, right, sometime never…

So what makes you think your fans will follow your blog unless you invite them personally?

Saying, “Just search for I’m so fab dot com, it’s easy, then click on the fourth link down the yellow brick road…

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